2.5 Ton Rockwell Axle Rebuild Manual

The Rockwell Axle Rebuild Manual


You Can Get all the Info You Need to

-> Rebuild your Rockwell Axles in 30 Seconds

That is right.   300+ Pages of Detailed information that includes:

  • All the Torque Specs To Keep Your Axle Together
  • Backlash Specs
  • Detailed exploded Diagrams of Every Aspect of the 2.5 ton Rockwell Axles
  • Rebuilding U-Joints and Bendex Style Joints
  • Detailed Parts Numbers for Easy and Cheap Part ordering
  • Complete Maintenance Process
  • Bearing Wear Limits (know when you need to rebuild)
  • How to Set up The Gears

OK…OK…  I want to skip the annoying ad-copy

buy the manual now –>>  BUY NOW FOR $19.99 and download now!

rockwell axle manual

cover of 2.5 ton rockwell axle manual

The first Axles, I ever rebuilt myself, were Rockwells using this Manual!

For two years, I ran a custom 4×4 Fab Shop, (Bust a Nut Fabrication) that specialized in full size crawlers.    I always sub-contracted out the axle rebuilds, because my focus has always been on fabrication.   When I upgraded my own project to Rockwells, I decided to put in the work to rebuild the military axles myself.

I was right… and IT WAS A PIECE OF CAKE!.

 I Was Too Cheap To Buy a Manual! So I put Hours of Research Into Finding Info

When I was researching the rebuild process, I found only one manual and it was going to take a week to get to me (and cost me $90 including shipping.   I didn’t want to spend that much money, and wanted a better option.   Luckily I ran into a box full of military manuals at a yard sale and I found some of the needed information I needed.     I was able to  track the rest of the needed information down and compiled it my own manual.

That is when I realized… I could help YOU out!!!

I put the information together in a PDF format, and offered it on online for instant download. and BOOM it was a HIT

I have sold 100’s of copies since…(without a single complaint)   In fact Fellow Rockwell Enthusiasts have given lots of great feedback!

  • “I would have paid 4 times the amount for what I got good info THANKS GREAT SELLER”
  • “exactly what i was looking for, thanks”
  • “great, very easy to use and follow”
  • “A++++ Item was exactly as described. Excellent!!!”
  • “just what it said it was, lots of good info, thanx”

You only have Three Options when it comes to finding a Rockwell axle rebuild and maintenance information:

  1. You can track it down yourself…(Requiring hours of research)
  2. You can buy a manual from a Rockwell Axle Vendor ($79.99 or More)
  3. You can buy this manual and download it instantly! 

rockwell axle rebuild manual